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“Primal ~ Relating to evolutionary development or being primary/fundamental” Whether you are looking to physically evolve into the better version of yourself or you are looking t... Read more

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Build Lean Muscle Mass

Enhance Recovery

Low carb


About Primal - Whey Protein

“Primal ~ Relating to evolutionary development or being primary/fundamental”

Whether you are looking to physically evolve into the better version of yourself or you are looking to simply consume the fundamental and essential nutrient in protein, Anabolix Primal is exactly what you need.

A fundamental factor of human biology states that protein is essential for the creation, development, growth and regeneration of vital tissues. Whether it is for hair, skin, nails, bone or skeletal muscle, consuming an optimal amount of protein in your diet is paramount for not only health but performance and body composition optimisation as well.

Adapt, survive and evolve!

Anabolix Primal Savage Whey Protein

Anabolix Primal is a high quality, multi-phasic release protein supplement that has been designed to provide high-quality protein from a diverse selection of sources with a high yield of muscle building and health-promoting amino acids.

  • 2830mg Leucine
  • 6320mg BCAA’s
  • 2280mg Glutamine

Utilising whey protein as its primary source, with additional casein and amino acid fortification as well, Primal protein maximises mTor activation through high dose Leucine per serve.

Achieving mTor activation is critical for Maximal Protein Synthesis, which means an optimal stimulus for muscle growth/recovery has been achieved.

Using clinical research-driven technology, Anabolix Primal combines Whey protein alongside Casein, which has been shown to achieve the greatest amount of net protein synthesis possible due to maximising anabolism, while minimising catabolism through the consumption of Casein.

Don’t just trust us on this one, trust the science!

Nutritional Info

Nutritional Info


For maximum muscle growth and recovery, consume 1 scoop in 250-300ml of water or milk up to 3x daily.


4kg Banana Flavour

Anabolix Primal Nutritional Info

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