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It's time to step up to the next level. There will be no backing down, no stepping back. You are going to put your blood, sweat and tears into achieving your fitness goals. Whether it's that ext... Read more

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Support ultimate performance

Achieve maximum output

Support maximum determination


About Stack3d

It's time to step up to the next level. There will be no backing down, no stepping back. You are going to put your blood, sweat and tears into achieving your fitness goals. Whether it's that extra rep or the final kilometre of your run, you have it in you to achieve it and keep on achieving it. We want you to reach out and take what's yours, and that's why at Anabolix Nutrition we made Stack3d.

Stack3d is like nothing you have experienced from Anabolix Nutrition. This is a hardcore formulation that takes everything we have learned over the years and amplifies it. Each scoop has been carefully considered, with multiple sources of determination from key ingredients being channelled into this formula. Your fitness journey is not defined by the set you finished, it's about the one you do tomorrow and having the necessary fuel to get up and do it again.

With ingredients to fuel your determination and support energy requirements, there's nothing that can stop you. With additional ingredients that support your output and recovery, it's the formulation that gives when you feel like you have given everything. Plus with a litany of delicious flavours, carefully crafted to excite your taste buds as much as it excites your workout, you will overcome and you will succeed.

The benefits of Stack3d are:

  • Our strongest pre workout formulation yet
  • Fully stacked formula
  • Ultimate focus and determination
  • Packs a punch and lasts all day
  • Smash your PBs
  • Incredible taste

Stack3d is all about continued support that blows the competition out of the water. That means none of the sudden drops, jitters or crashes that other less complete formulations present. When you need serious supplementation, this is the pre trainer that should take pride of place in your stack.

Nutritional Info

Nutritional Info


For maximal performance enhancement, consume 1 full serve 15-45min prior to exercise, depending on your metabolism of stimulants.

For beginners, consume ½ a scoop to assess tolerance prior to increasing to a full serve.


Sour Redberry Flavour

Anabolix Nutrition STACK3D

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Frequently asked questions

  • Q: What is STACK3D? A: STACK3D is the latest Anabolix pre workout, offering 407mg of caffeine and key ingredients in each scoop. This extreme pre trainer is designed to help you reach the goals you never thought possible, with potential support for mental performance. If your pre trainer isn’t hitting the right heights, try STACK3D.
  • Q: How does STACK3D work? A: Stack3d is a pre trainer designed to support mental performance during your workout. Offering a variety of key ingredients to aid your determination in the gym, it is best consumed 30 minutes before you exercise. Unlike previous Anabolix pre workouts, this is formulated to be the ultimate in fuelling the mental process for serious athletes and gym goers alike.
  • Q: Is Stack3d bad for you? A: As long as you are over 18, not pregnant or breastfeeding and follow the label instructions, Stack3d is safe to be consumed. With Stack3d you can give your next workout an extra oomph and determination to continue breaking your personal bests. All ingredients are listed on the tub and in our nutrition panel.
  • Q: What’s the difference between Freak3D and STACK3D? A: Both Freak3D and Stack3d are pre trainers designed to support you in achieving your fitness goals. Freak3d offers 300g of caffeine in each scoop, while Stack3d offers 407mg. With Stack3d you also get a range of tasty flavours not available in Freak3D, like Pineapple Mango, Strawberry, Sour Redberry and Vanilla Cola.