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Do you want to get lean or do you want to get RIPP3D?? Here at Anabolix Nutrition, we believe in taking all of our products to the next level. You won’t see any 1 or 2-dimensional basic formulas here, we are changing the game and taking formulas to the next......


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Do you want to get lean or do you want to get RIPP3D??

Here at Anabolix Nutrition, we believe in taking all of our products to the next level. You won’t see any 1 or 2-dimensional basic formulas here, we are changing the game and taking formulas to the next level.

Complete, 3D fat loss support!

What do we mean by that?

Anabolix Ripp3D is designed to maximise fat loss from all angles. Designed to increase lipolysis, enhance transportation and maximise the burning capacity of your body, Ripp3D is truly a complete thermogenic formula.

All too often people think they are doing what they need to in order to achieve fat loss, but too frequently they miss the mark on some vital steps.

Ripp3D was designed to stop this from happening.

  • Ramp up energy levels!
  • Shut down appetite!
  • Drive up lipolysis!
  • Stimulate mood!

You name it and Ripp3D does it!

What’s the point of driving up energy and stimulating fat loss if you are only going to offset your diet later with unplanned snacks and not the appropriate training intensity?

There is no point!

Anabolix Ripp3D was formulated to combat this with vital ingredients to reduce your cravings, to stave off hunger and to enhance focus and mood beyond what you have ever experienced.

Don’t just get lean, get Ripp3D!

Anabolix Ripp3d Fat Burner



Caffeine is an adenosine reuptake inhibitor and a Central Nervous System stimulant, whereby its 2 primary functions are to inhibit the uptake of adenosine, which causes ‘sleepiness’ and also to stimulate the release of adrenaline.

This sympathetic response allows for an acute rise in metabolic rate and is pro-lipolytic as well.


Mechanistically, Synephrine performs similarly to ephedrine from a metabolic standpoint and is known as an adrenergic stimulant. More specifically, Synephrine, which is found in Bitter Orange/Citrus Aurantium is an alpha-1 agonist and stimulates the release of adrenaline to specific target tissues such as smooth muscle.

Erythropalum Scandens Extract

Erythropalum contains a potent dopaminergic stimulant in N-Benzyl-2-Phenethylamine, which provides a sense of euphoria in users and is fantastic for mood enhancement and appetite suppression.


Hordenine is an adrenergic-like compound and is referred to as a neurotransmitter reuptake inhibitor with specificity to noradrenaline.


Higenamine is a beta 2 adrenergic stimulant that has been used in herbal medicine for its benefits on bronchial dilation.  Supplementing with Higenamine may aid in enhancing fat loss but also enhancing endurance capacity due to its positive impacts on improving breathing capacity.

Stearoyl Vanilylamide

Known as an analogue of Capsaicin, Stearoyl may offer additional adrenergic benefits when used in conjunction with other stimulants to enhance thermogenesis.

Green Tea Extract

Containing only the most potent component of Green Tea in EGCG’s, these specific catechins have been shown to increased fatty acid oxidation and may enhance metabolic rate momentarily as well.

Acetyl L-Carnitine

Supplementing with Acetyl L-Carnitine helps facilitate more efficient use of fatty acids due to its ‘driving force’ behind fatty acid transportation and may also improve memory retention, focus and general cognitive performance.

White Willow Bark

Supplementing with White Willow Bark works synergistically with caffeine and other stimulants by extending their active half-life.

Grains of Paradise

Grains of Paradise, which is also known as Ginger Extract, is a fantastic herbal ingredient for improving digestive health but has also been linked to improved lipid oxidation in those living in colder conditions do to specific ‘dormant’ body fat activation.

Achyranthes Aspera

Commonly used in Indian medicine, Achyranthes is high in saponins, alkaloids and flavonoids, which aid in reducing systemic inflammation in times of stress and may also enhance mood.


Orchilean acts as a mild vasodilator, which allows for greater blood flow to potentially poorly circulated regions of the body and it also offers a mild support of natural diuresis for those suffering from excess fluid retention.

African Mango

Individuals supplementing with African Mango in diet studies report reduced hunger, improved blood sugar control and generally have less dietary compliance issues as well.

Panex Ginseng

Supplementing with Ginseng has been shown to enhance move, reduce stress, improve cognition and strengthens your immune system.


Anabolix Ripp3d Anabolix Ripp3d


Consume between ½ and 1 scoop per serve, up to 1-2x daily.

Do not consume more than 2 serves daily and assess your tolerance with a reduced serving in the initial phase prior to taken a full scoop. 


Anabolix Ripp3d Nutrition

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