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What are you doing for your body? Are you providing it with the right supplements for muscle recovery? If you want to perform at your peak and put in a better workout session each and every time... Read more

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About Fuel3d

What are you doing for your body? Are you providing it with the right supplements for muscle recovery? If you want to perform at your peak and put in a better workout session each and every time you hit the gym, then you need to supercharge your intra workout with FUEL3D by Anabolix.

This amino acid supplement combines all 9 EAA (essential amino acids), with added BCAAs, and was carefully designed to provide an all-day recovery, growth and endurance formula that will be sure to turn heads. Whether you are an athlete placing your muscles under extreme amounts of stress or you are just a casual gym goer, you will want 3AAs in your corner to combat fatigue and delay onset of muscle soreness and promote recovery.

What takes FUEL3D from your regular amino acid supplement to the best supplements for muscle recovery, is the carefully crafted formulation. Each scoop is rippling with potential to take your body composition and supercharge it with Senactiv®. This clears all the dying cells that are not providing the support your body needs, helping support potential improvements in all areas of your workout. This includes aiding endurance, energy and recovery, with the support of ATP production, giving a whole new edge to your intra workout.

You will also find Magnesium Malate, which may help you stay focused while in the gym and improve your overall hydration status. You’ll also get the added benefit of gut support from AstraGin®. Giving your body the necessary aid to absorb all the amazing ingredients on offer in these amino acid supplements, you will also avoid intra workout stomach discomfort.

Why FUEL3D’s amino acid supplements will be the first thing you bring into a workout:

  • 2.1.1 Ratio of Aminos
  • Enhance your recovery so you experience less soreness post workout
  • Minimise fatigue helping you to workout for longer
  • Preserve muscle mass while in fasted or calorie deficit state
  • Enhanced mental focus during exercise improving performance
  • Reduce muscle protein breakdown while stimulating protein synthesis and repair
  • Provide an energy boost helping you to lift your workout intensity

If you currently aren’t supplementing with an intra workout supplement, give this one a try. You won’t regret it

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Frequently asked questions

  • What are amino acid supplements? Amino Acid supplements can be taken pre or intra workout and offer the Essential Amino Acids (EAA) that play a part of all the body's functions, both pre, intra and post workout. 3AAs offers an EAA and BCAA supplement that is a complete 2.1.1 ratio formula.
  • What do amino acid supplements do? Amino Acid Supplements support a balanced diet in getting all the essential EAAs and BCAAs to provide your body with all the tools it needs for an optimal workout. When you have the right amount of essential amino acids you can potentially support determination, longer workouts, output and delay the onset of soreness.
  • Is FUEL3D the right EAA supplement for me? When it comes to your workout stack an intra workout can be a crucial part of your growth, recovery and endurance. Each time you step into the gym, you put your muscles under immense pressure. With an EAAs and BCAAs supplement, you give yourself an added boost, providing the elements necessary to support those gruelling workout sessions and keep coming back stronger!
  • Are FUEL3D and Peak3d different? FUEL3D is the latest in Anabolix’s amino acid supplements offerings. We have taken what made Peak3d great and amplified it to optimise your intra workout. With all the EAAs and BCAAs you need to support your fitness goals, you can take your workouts to the next level!