Protein Powders: The Building Blocks of Muscular Growth

Jack Holt

Do you want to get unmatched gains? Read this.

Choosing the best bulk gainer supplement should be a no-brainer, not a mind-bender! We get it. You're sweating it out each day, pushing your limits to build muscle mass. So, let us do the heavy lifting in the research department so you can continue the heavy lifting on your end.

Get bigger and get more shredded with a product that does what it promises, with no exceptions. Our range of mass gainer protein is serious about sculpting your muscles into the herculean physique you dream of.

We know building muscle isn't just about lifting; it's about feeding your body the right way. Each of our weight gainers comes in different sizes, tailored to fit your unique journey to strength and mass domination.

Loaded with top-tier protein sources, easily digestible carbs and quality fats, our mass gainer range isn't just about calories. It's the only shake you'll need for the essential macronutrients that your body craves. The amino acids maximise protein synthesis, supporting the rapid recovery of your hard-working muscles during post-workout rest periods where efficient construction of new muscle tissue is crucial.

But when it comes to calories, our products have what you need to take your calorie intake to a new level. We're giving you the good stuff, the stuff that helps you form those rock-hard muscles during your well-deserved rest periods. With the perfect balance of protein, fats and carbs working together to optimise recovery, repair and rebuilding - it's your muscle's best friend.

So don't waste your time and money on poor-quality formulas only to see little to no results. Discover the best mass gainers for your goals at Anabolix!

Monst3r - Weight Gainer

Are you looking to maximise your gains and pack on serious muscle? Monst3r is the nutrient-dense mass gainer, offering everything you need to build that herculean physique your hard work in the gym deserves! With a calorie count smashing 561 calories per serving and 87.5g of carbs, you are getting abundant weight gain and management support.

While 35.3 g of Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate and Milk Protein Concentrate join in a protein blend, offering a genius muscle-supporting formula. Along with this, we've added essential and non-essential amino acids and nutrients that will have your workout stacking on the muscle in no time. The added ModCarb and Digezyme mean it's comfortable on your stomach and does not impede those gruelling sessions where your head needs to be in the game!

Mammoth - Pro Gainer Protein

The perfect formulation for your bulk is right here. With the ideal 1:1 ratio of protein and carbohydrates, you are fuelling your muscles for massive gains. This formulation has no unwanted fats, just lean, gain-building muscle. Each scoop offers 27.8 g of a five-protein blend, offering a rounded amino acid profile and varying absorption and digestion speeds. Our mass gainer superstar also has a strong protein diversity for maintained success, with this blend including the proven post-workout protein blend of Whey and Casein.

Our Mammoth mass gainer is under 250 kcal per serve, with this being designed specifically for driving up protein synthesis. Mammoth also offers further support for smashing your muscle gain goals. 3000mg Creatine, 2800mg Glutamine and 5000mg Leucine turn this into a weight gainer that is undeniable for those looking for the best in their supplement and workouts.


What's better: a mass gainer or whey protein?

It depends on your goals. A mass gainer is specifically designed for individuals looking to boost their calorie and protein intake, with the goal being to build serious muscle and weight. This means a mass gainer has a higher ratio of carbohydrates to protein compared to regular whey protein. So, if you are struggling to get that shredded bulk and need help consuming enough calories and nutrients through your regular diet, trust a mass builder. If you are looking to support lean muscle mass and reach your body goals, Whey Protein is for you.

Are mass gainers effective?

Yes! You can trust a mass gainer if you are searching for remarkable protein and calorie intake! With our range offering between 230 calories to over 500 calories, you can get bigger and more shredded.

Can I take mass gainer and whey protein together?

No. Define your goals. Are you looking for rippling gains requiring high protein and calorie intake? Then you need a mass gainer! If you are looking for low carbs and fats, then a whey protein is exactly what your workout is looking for.

Can I take a mass gainer without working out?

When you supplement with a mass gainer and don't work out, you are likely adding fat and not muscle. If you want godlike results, you should combine your mass gainer with a perfectly designed diet and exercise regime.

Can you mix creatine with a mass gainer?

You can mix creatine with a mass gainer protein without any adverse effects. Our Mammoth Pro Gainer even includes creatine in a perfectly balanced formula, so you are getting the best of the best.

Is mass gainer safe?

Yes. Use as directed, and there should be no reason for you to miss out on massive gains! Only use under medical or dietetic supervision.

When should I take a mass gainer?

You can take your mass gainer at any time of day. That means you can have it after a gruelling workout to support muscle recovery or as a shake to fuel every shred-boosting day.

Should you take a mass gainer on rest days?

If you want to reach your dedicated calorie surplus, your mass gainer protein could be vital for consistent supplementation.

Will I put on weight if I use a weight gainer shake?

As a supplement, used with a dedicated calorie intake and an exercise program suited to your goals, a mass gainer can help you gain muscle, mass, and weight.

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