The Lowdown on RTDs

Camila Griffin

Your favourite pre workout is ready and waiting for you. And the best bit? You don’t even need a shaker!

Everything you need to know about our RTDs

When you are ready for a workout, you shouldn't have to scramble around to find a shaker and pre workout powder! Ready-to-drink cans (RTDs) take the hassle out of getting ready for a big workout while offering the same potent formula and flavours. Wherever you need a boost, whether that's for a big day at the gym or during a big presentation at work, you know that you have the power of Freak3d in an easy-to-access way.

We saw these new players in the game and knew we could do it the best, so that's what we did! Freak3d Energy RTD gives you the same insanely powerful formulation in a carbonated drink that you can enjoy wherever, whenever.

  • Introducing Freak3d Energy

    In every can of Freak3d Energy, we have packed 2000mg of L-citrulline malate 2:1 ratio for the unrelenting pumps and performance you expect! We have also combined it with 2000mg beta alanine for the boost to endurance and the sweet tingles that turn your workout on its head. If you are in the office and need extra mental focus, Freak3d contains additional B vitamins and taurine for nutritional support that aids your mental focus.

    We don’t just mention energy in the name for the fun of it! Freak3d Energy gives a 160mg caffeine anhydrous kick that even the most seasoned supplement user will feel when picking up the weights. There’s also zero sugar or carbs and only 9 calories in a Freak3d Energy RTD can. So if you are relying on sugar-filled energy drinks, there’s now a better way, and it tastes amazing!

  • What’s an RTD?

    RTD stands for Ready-to-Drink beverages. Across the market, you find a variety of alcoholic RTDs, non-alcoholic RTDs, energy RTDs and, of course, caffeinated RTDs. RTDs are sold in on-the-go packaging, making them perfect for when you are looking for a little something on the go.

    Over this time, health-conscious individuals have started to scrutinise what they put into their bodies when having RTDs. Sports supplement brands have begun to jump on the bandwagon and provide more and more RTDs to an expanding market. The real struggle now is finding the right one you can trust and fit into your lifestyle.

    If you want energy on demand that you can trust, then there’s no better option than Freak3d Energy. It may only be a newcomer in a growing market, but Anabolix fans will know nothing compares to this pre workout blend. So for long-lasting energy, you only need to search for one RTD!

  • Are RTDs safe?

    Every can of Freak3d Energy has been formulated and produced under our strict policies and procedures. We only use all-natural energy-boosting ingredients to provide you with a safe and effective product. Plus, the caffeine level is according to the TGA safety guidelines.

    With other energy drinks, you may look at their ingredients list and see countless nasties, sugar and calorie content higher than your daily recommended intake. Freak3d knows that you need better to take out those devastating gains, so that's why we have only 9 calories and zero sugar and carbs in each can.

    When it comes to your fitness journey, you need the fuel to continue trudging through and surpassing the challenges that get in the way of you becoming a fitter and better version of yourself. Take your gym gains to the next level and enjoy the benefits of unrelenting energy and SMASH your plateaus with Freak3d Energy RTD!

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